Artificial Grass Installation

Why should I use Mann Landscapes & Buzz Grass?

We are an authorised installer of Buzz Grass and made that decision for a number of reasons...

- All Buzz Grass artificial grass is manufactured in the UK.  We think it makes sense to use UK goods wherever feasible.

- The quality is fantastic.  Their sister company makes pitch turf to FIFA and British Rugby requirements so you don't get much better than that!

There's an excellent variety of grass options

- They offer us ongoing training at their head office and even show us around the factory so we can see how it's produced

- They have dog-friendly options

- They are a member of BALI - British Association of Landscape Industries

- They offer a 10-year guarantee


What are the main advantages of artificial grass?

Low maintenance

Artificial grass will save you time!  There's no mowing or watering. 

It's a godsend for the elderly, second homes and holiday rentals where regular maintenance just isn't practical.

It's green all year round

As it's not affected by the sun you'll have a stunning lawn all year round.

There's also no nasty patches from dog urine!

It's weed-free, yay!

You can say goodbye to backache and unsightly weeds.  Weeds cannot root in the artificial turf and can just be lightly brushed away.

It doesn't need to be watered

We think that saving water is a pretty big deal... it's ever so important to reduce water usage both for the environment and your pocket, so going artificial is a win-win.

It's hard wearing

So it performs very well in high use areas of the garden.  No more muddy footprints or paw prints - that's a blessing!


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Is artificial grass dog-friendly?

Yes, very much so.  Dogs tend to treat artificial grass in the same way that they treat normal grass.  There are a few definite dog related advantages to artificial grass though:

- They can't dig holes!

- There's no mud, so they stay cleaner and no muddy paw prints inside the house.

- The grass does not get damaged by dog urine, which is a huge plus point.  Patches left after dogs urinate on natural grass can be very unsightly - it's normally patches of very green and lush looking grass on dehydrated lawns or brown, dead burn-like patches in what was healthy grass.


How is the area prepared?

If we're laying the artificial grass on to an area that needs preparation then we would:

1. Dig out the area

2. Install a border frame

3. Install a sub-base (of scalpings) and compact

4. Install a layer of sharp sand and level and compact

5. Install a weed membrane

6. Lay and secure new artificial turf

7. And finally, give the surface of the new turf a good sweep to lift the blades

We are able to install the artificial grass on to some bases which include:

- Tarmac

- Asphalt

- Concrete (although it's advised to install a layer of sand or rubber shock pad)

- Decking (although it's advised to install a layer of plywood)

How should I maintain my artificial grass?

There's not much in the way of maintenance, to be honest.  You will simply need to remove any debris that falls on to the surface with a leaf rake or garden broom.  Raking or sweeping will also help to keep the blades/fibers aligned.

If you need to give your artificial grass a good clean then this can be carried out using a mild detergent it MUST have a PH lower than 3 though to be used safely.

Can I use a BBQ on top of the artificial grass?

You could, but we really would advise popping the BBQ on to a protective surface, such as slabs.

Will weeds grow through the artificial grass?

The backing that's used on Buzz Grass is strong enough not to allow weeds to take root.  If a sand infill has been used then they can sit on the surface but are very easily swept off.  The geotextile weed stop membrane we fit will stop any growing up from below.