Decking Installation & Repairs

What types of decking do you install?

You can choose from 5 types of decking:

  • Softwood Decking

  • Hardwood Decking

  • Decking Tiles

  • Non-slip Decking

  • Composite Decking (boards or tiles)

Can I have a fence of some kind around my decking?

Yes, no problem at all.  We can fit:

  • Timber Hand Rails (with or without spindles)

  • Decorative Timber Panels

  • Metal Balustrades

  • Glass or Perspex Balustrades

  • Stainless Steel Wire Rope Balustrades

  • Composite Railings

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Do you carry out decking repairs?

Yes, it's possible to repair practically any part of a deck.  However, if the damage is caused by rot then the support frame could also be compromised and we would recommend lifting various parts of the deck boards / tiles to properly inspect.

Can the deck be at a different level to the rest of the garden?

Yes, we can easily create raised decking areas – that’s the real beauty of decking.  Decking can be installed in any sloping area by using support posts and is the perfect way to use space that otherwise wouldn’t be practical.

Will my deck need to be maintained?

Yes, it will need to be cleaned and treated from time to time.  The frequency really depends on its usage and position but we would recommend that ideally it’s done every year.  It’s worth mentioning that the decking will need to be completely dry before any treatment is applied – so there will need to be around 2 days in between cleaning and treatment.

Can the decking boards be stained?

Yes, certainly.  If you opt for timber decking you can stain the boards in a huge variety of colours.  We can do that for you after installation should you wish.  We recommend using Cuprinol

Does decking become slippery when wet?

Decking isn’t slippery but can form a slippery, grubby surface if not regularly maintained.  There are also specialist anti-slip decking boards available. 

Do I need to get planning permission for a deck?

There are no specific regulations at the moment, but all construction needs to adhere to building regulations. 

Advice on large or unusually shaped decks can be given by the TDCA - Timber Decking & Cladding Association .  You may also need planning permission from your local council. 

What is FSC Approval?

Wooden fencing with FSC approval means that it is high-quality wood from sustainable sources.  FSC stands for the Forest Stewardship Council.  We recommend that you use FSC approved products whenever the opportunity exists – more information can be found on the FSC Website